Galveston Monthly – June 22nd, 2017

New Hibiscus Series

 A New Hibiscus Series to The Old Galveston Trading Company

Jennifer Peck’s recent trip to Galveston brought a new hibiscus series to The Old Galveston Trading Company. The botanicals are luscious and abundant, highlighting  colorful varieties of hibiscus on top of philodendron and fan palms. The show, titled “Beautiful and Brief”, celebrates the sudden and fleeting moments of beauty the hibiscus blooms offer.


For July, Jennifer sent from Florida new embellished prints to offer something in all price ranges, along with the original mixed media pieces the store is already exhibiting. Also new this summer is “Ringo Starr” the latest addition to her popular Octopus collection. The piece was inspired by the Beatle who wrote “Octopus’s Garden”. The “garden” Ringo learned, is a pile of shiny objects octopus collect as they travel the ocean floor and leave at their den doorway. In the piece you will see parts of lyrics from the song with musical notes to go along with it. It is fitting that is embellished with lots of shiny bling, sparkling paper and gems. The Old Galveston Trading Company is offering “Ringo Starr” in a variety of sizes and prices. 


 The Old Galveston Trading Company is located at 2115 Postoffice Street 409.599.7635

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